The Reason

I have the pleasure of currently chilling in Beirut with some old and very dear, most legendary friends: Drew & Mary Caldwell.  Actually, Mer and I have been here about a month now.  I’ve got to see quite a bit of the city, taking a walk most days for a couple hours and wandering through areas I probably shouldn’t but am able to because I look Lebanese.  Yet nothing beats the view from the Caldwell’s 9th story balcony, overlooking east and west Beirut, the distant mountains and out across the Mediterranean.  It’s the site of slow dinner conversations each night as the setting sun peeks through skyscrapers to let us know it’s not quite done for the day.  It’s also the type of view that inspires the soul in all sorts of directions.  Yesterday, it gave birth to this little diddy.  I thought I’d share it since I haven’t offered much in the way of music recently.  Hopefully you can feel the mood of the view from here, and find some of the same heartbeat wherever you might be…

[audio:|titles=The Reason I Love You]

Not quite the balcony view, but a classic Beirut scene nonetheless...

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