The Promise of Spring

I have the ongoing privilege of savoring a day of cancelled school.  As much as my Alaskan arrogance wants to roll my eyes at what a pathetic showing of white stuff this is, today I have no complaints.  I know my students need lots of extra time in the classroom to set them up for the best possible opportunities in life, but I am also a firm believer in the unparalleled life that abides in your classic “snow day.”  For me, it’s the simple unexpected pleasure of space that means the most… all the thoughts that spin around above my head seem to lay hold of the opportunity to pause and slowly settle around me.  Often times these are the moments that songs are born.  And thus, “The Promise of Spring.”  Sorry for the rough recording, but you get the idea…

[audio:|titles=Promise the Spring]

I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves:

December came, the snow had changed everything
Brand new beginnings
Our eyes were wide, our spirits sighed in their deepest part
Let it be

Then we lost our footing and fell to the ground
Our hearts turned heavy but our hope proved sound
You, our brave little boy
Strengthened our souls with your joy
And promised the spring

Snow disappeared, what seemed so clear was all gone
Where have you gone, little boy?

You’re home where you belong
Your heart is beating strong
You know it won’t be long ’till I can look you in the eyes and sing this song

We miss our baby, and we shake in this ground
We ache to hold you, but our Father will do that now
Brave little boy
You strengthened our souls with your joy
And promised the spring

His story’s good
His love is true
His faithfulness is forever in perfect view