Song Stories From the Edge: Track 3 – I Love the Autumn

The autumn has long been my favorite time of the year, and this tune is my ode to the glory that I find there each September-November (depending on where I happen to be living at the time). I wrote this song shortly after we moved to Kansas City, where I was delighted to encounter a fall that lasted more than two-three weeks (the Alaskan norm), and was much more inclusive of various tree-types.

While the lyrics tend to speak for themselves, I will say there is a unique story that is to be told in the journey into death. I feel a slight despondency every time a strong wind hastens the end of the autumn, as I have inevitably grown loyal to the bright leaves that helplessly lose their grip on the host branches. Yet death is an inevitable part of coming to life. The key is to find the joy of dying full of the assurance of resurrection.

Special props to Johnnathon Brown for bringing color to this tune with the addition of the horns, all brilliantly arranged and executed by himself (also sparing me (and thus you) a scat solo instead). The transition into that trumpet solo is one of my favorite bits on the album, performed by my brother Aaron, who adds the triplets on the snare. Nice touch, bro.

And here’s to Michael Heath, who brought it to a little visual life:


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