Song Stories From the Edge: Track 8 – Legacy

IMG_5730My good friend Shawn VanTassel joined my brother and I in the studio early on when we were finishing the scratch tracks and starting the drums. We were currently working on “Legacy,” and he made an off-hand suggestion that we use the heartbeat of my baby, currently in utero, as a metronome for the track. Now that’s a clever idea, Shawn. Most likely the best one you’ll ever have. (I kid, I kid…)

It was a big deal to hear that heartbeat. We had a miscarriage a year prior, and I still remember the immediacy of the shift from joy to sorrow when there was no pulse on the initial sonogram. The strong, steady heartbeat of this new, growing, tiny human was reassuring on a number of levels, and it is incredibly special to be able to share it with my son (as he turned out to be) once he’s old enough to care. The heartbeat heard on this track is recorded from the first time I heard it.

I really wanted to write an epic song for my first child, but I got stuck repeating a few of the opening lines and couldn’t manage to finish it, likely because I wanted it to be perfect. That’s probably part of the reason I left this at one verse and one chorus… there is no miracle that compares to this one, and I didn’t want to mess it up. Lucky for me, more breakthrough came in my family when my brother and sister in law, who had been trying to get pregnant for nearly a decade, discovered they had twins (and more cousins for my son) on the way. The chorus flowed freely from there:
IMG_6383We are prophets of a future not our own (tip hat to Oscar Romero)

We are children of a promise crowned upon us long ago (thanks, Father Abraham)

There’s a seed inside my family that’s growing wild (cheers to the Chud/Pepperd clans)

And this legacy is yours, my child (that’s for you, Lincoln David)

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